Celebrating Women, Spring, and Chocolate Chips

Ruth Graves Wakefield: Massachusetts resident, savvy business lady, and culinary innovator. Why should you care about Ruth? Well in 1937 Ruth invented the chocolate chip cookie by literally chipping off pieces of chocolate from Nestle’s signature chocolate bar and adding them to her cookie batter.toll-house-cookies-153-2011-110m-largem The recipe was published in various newspapers around New England and was a hit. Nestle loved the idea so much that 2 years later they began selling the chocolates in chip or “morsel” form.
They even struck a lucrative deal with Ruth to include her recipe on the back of the packages.  Make that money, Ruth!

Click here to see Ruth’s OG Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.


Why am I telling you this? We’ve got a really delicious event in the works at Simons Shoes this weekend. This Sunday, May 15th from 11am-2pm we’re pairing up with Paris Creperie and Kabloom Flowers to ring in the spring and celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day!


Treat yourself to free mimosas and chocolate chip and Nutella crêpes from the Paris Creperie while you try on our newest spring styles. Bonus: Sign up for our mailing list and be entered to win a special spring flower arrangement from Kabloom Flowers.

We made it through the winter! Come stimulate your senses and stop in for this FREE event on Sunday. We can’t wait to see you there 🙂


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